I collaborate with other species and machines.


I collaborate with other species and machines.
My work is combined with biological art and media art: bacterial cultivation, living cell 3D modeling, cell audio visualization, cell virtual reality, and fungi-AI live installation. I consider the living creatures as my collaborators: they sometimes work with or on themselves that drives me to amazement. Technology like AI is also a collaborator of other species and myself that is a symbiont. Everything changes every time, and there is no fixed immutability between us.


Su Hyun Kim is an artist who works on multimedia and multispecies.
Her artistic practice is based on research on the biology, new media, and technology.

She takes an interest in ecological feminism and a multispecies theory in the Chthulucene. She seeks a philosophical and artistic discourse on changing identity and the relationship between species. By using cutting-edge technology and living creatures, her experimental work explores new relationships between species and technology as artistic expression. She exhibited her works internationally and researched in the United States, South Korea, Denmark, and Australia.

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The super 
The nicer
The bigger
The fancier
It’s not my interest.
I love digits, microorganisms, and living creatures.
They dance and sing a song with me.
Endlessly, they are giving birth to their grandmothers.

© Su Hyun Kim with Guhmsoon and Mushi
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