Post Apoptosis 2nd edition

AI-generated 4K Video, Mushroom, 3D prints, Mixed media, Dimension variable, 2018

This project includes growing mushroom in the controlled incubating box and collected the 3D scanned data and deep learing system set. About the details, during the mushroom growth, the incubating box sends the collected data to the virtual ecosystem. The AI virtual ecosystem learns from the mushroom data and generates new mushroom from it. The AI generated mushroom_4K is projected on the screen and grows/transforms in real time creating its colony infinitely.This project is funded by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

Ai Mushroom#1

Ai Mushroom#2

Ai Mushroom#3

Ai Mushroom#4

- Material: Hericium erinaceum, 3D print, Electrical components, Mixed media, Dimension variable
- Interface: VisualSFM, Ubuntu, Caffe, Arduino
- Collaborated with technician CJ Kim

exhibited 2018/10/16-10/30@Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul
© Su Hyun Kim with Guhmsoon and Mushi
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