Post Apoptosis, 2017

Mixed media, Dimension variable, 2017
Hericiumerinaceum, 3D print, Electrical components, Mixed media, Dimension variable


Might there be a life form with infinite lifespan?

Might there be a life form with an infinite lifespan?
Every living thing has a distinct form of life in various ways. However, all life forms have the boundary between life and death, which is programmed by the gene. The work explores how it can create a new life form free from the finiteness of real life. This work consists of (1) living in an automatically controlled ecosystem and (2) artificial life in the virtual ecosystem. Data of life is collected and transferred to the virtual ecosystem every moment from birth to death. The artificial life forms itself and expands its colony. Contrary to the finite nature of the real-life, the artificial entity infinitely self-proliferates itself via the virtual eco-platform.
For details, Hericium Erinaceum mushroom is placed in the transparent chamber where the humidity, temperature, and airflow are regulated while the visual/structural data of the fungus is collected for the AI system. During the mushroom growth, the installation sends the collected data to the virtual ecosystem. The AI virtual ecosystem learns from the mushroom data and generates new mushroom from it. The AI-generated fungus is projected on the screen and grows/transforms in real-time, creating its colony infinitely.

The audience can see the two parts of the exhibition. There is an installation to observe the mushroom itself as live materials. It has the cameras on it as the 3D scanner and mechanic control parts for humidity and temperature. And the audience can compare to the AI screen, which shows a new version of a living creature that is continuously changing and growing from time to time.This project funded by Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity.

- Material: Hericium erinaceum, 3D print, Electrical components, Mixed media
- Size : 110x70x70cm,1920x1080 one channel video(2min), 3D Prints, Dimension variable
- Interface: VisualSFM, Ubuntu, Caffe, Arduino
- Collaborated with technician CJ Kim, Yang Lee

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