In/Exhalation, 2012

Interactive Sound Installation/ Creative Director, Collarborative Project
Awarded by Chandong community art project of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

We haze, networks unfold,
Voices intertwined, stories untold.
Installation ignites, records, and plays,
Building connections in communal ways.
Speakers, sensors, and voices resound,
Public spaces are alive, and harmony is profound.
Revive the bonds, senses awake,
City vibrant, connections we make.

Intrigued by the fluxes of reflected interaction within communities and their surroundings, I explore the impact of physical connections on social networks. Today, numerous devices offer refined news from mass media, accessible through TV, Internet, and Radio. Yet, despite increased freedom of expression, these interactions remain short-lived, indirect, and semi-anonymous, causing neighbors to grow distant and relationships to falter gradually.

Through my interactive sound installation, local communities engage in recording and listening to each other's voices, fostering real relationships in a separate realm from the virtual world. Multiple recordings and playback units create an interconnected audio network, encouraging active participation in the local society. By utilizing speakers, sensors, and input voice recorders in public spaces, neighbors share their stories, revitalizing communication through sound.

This interactive sound intervention urges viewers to experience, re-observe, and reposition themselves in spaces and environments guided by their senses and immediate encounters. Ultimately, the installation aims to cultivate a less isolated, more interactive community imbued with humanity. Its purpose is to transform towns into engaging, sustainable, accessible, and well-connected places, promoting neighborly awareness and opportunities for connection to the local society through the power of voices. Employing new technologies and innovative social media tools, this sonic installation fosters a networked dialogue and bridges the information gap among neighbors, contributing to more vibrant and interconnected city life.
© Su Hyun Kim with Guhmsoon and Mushi
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