Data of Mandala; Awareness of contingency

Data visualization, Final cut pro, Single channel video

Life, a tapestry woven by unknown hands,
A symphony of happenings with mysteries untold.
Even time, that elusive mistress dances irregularly,
Her steps are dictated by circumstance, not absolute control.

In this vast sea of existence, certain moments emerge,
Special events that shape my very being,
They gather and cascade like a river's gentle surge,
Etching intricate pathways within the tapestry, I'm seeing.

Oh, how I yearn to acknowledge their ceaseless contingency,
To grasp the essence of their unpredictable art,
Like the Fourier Transformation, a theory of invisibility,
Revealing both seen and unseen, unveiling the waves' impart.

In this theory's embrace, countless waves entwine,
Frequency and hertz, a kaleidoscope of sound,
Each with its amplitude, its own unique shine,
Painting a portrait of harmony, profound.

And within this rhythmic tapestry, where chaos seems to reign,
A hidden order emerges, defying the eye,
For in life's symphony, unexpected notes remain,
Coincidental melodies that play as days go by.

So let us embrace the uncharted, the serendipitous,
For within these chance encounters lies life's true essence,
In the continuous flow of unexpected moments, fortuitous,
We find the beauty of existence in all its splendid presence.   

+ After 24hours

Life's tapestry, enigmatic and woven with diverse causality, unfurls in an elusive realm of unknown origins. Absolute time, devoid of fixed regularity, assumes an irregular nature contingent upon circumstances. Within this intricate weave, significant events leave indelible imprints on my existence. They accumulate and flow, forging unique pathways, evoking profound appreciation for the endless contingency of such moments. In the contemplation of my journey, resonance emerges with the profound Fourier Transformation theory. It unravels the properties of countless waves—frequency, hertz, and tonal hues—each with distinct amplitudes and frequencies. According to this theory, despite the seemingly random trajectories of concealed elements, inherent order manifests. A parallel to life's perpetual stream, unexpected and coincidental events continuously shape human lives.

Utilizing the data visualization software, I crafted a minute 3D particle, meticulously defining its behavior through a set of programmed rules. This algorithmic framework engendered a profusion of particles, distinguished by random hues and guided along regular trajectories. By capturing a multitude of images over the course of a day, I adeptly compiled them into a captivating video. Within this artistic endeavor, singular events assumed an anticipated quality, ultimately converging to form coherent pathways. Consequently, the 3D particle is not an isolated entity, but rather an integral component of a larger, interconnected structure. In this world, serendipity finds no place, yielding instead to an unequivocal sense of order.

This significant work was exhibited as part of the esteemed collective showcase, 'A Testimony to Being 2011,' hosted at the Swedish Covenant Hospital Gallery in Chicago.

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