Biomedia VR Game, WONDERLAND, Bloodcell, Bio inspired 4K VR, 3D prints, Mixed media, Dimension variable, 2019


The artist's blood cells have become virtual space.



The artist's blood cells have become virtual.

Entering the space, the viewer can move within its space and, at some unexpected point, cross the boundaries of the space and freely enter and exit the space. In particular, viewers can see and hear several objects and sounds in it, where they can meet bio art rabbits and VR ministries that inspired the writer to create space. The viewers will enjoy walking, jumping high, and stopping, recognizing the shape and area of the space on the scale of the human body.
The artist said that because of advances in optical technology and in virtual space technology, living blood cells in humans, which are nano-micro scale, we're able to be observed in 3D objects. Thus, it was possible to imagine and realize that humans could enter and explore the cells that were not seen by real human vision alone. What the artist was able to experiment with was that human cells would become incredibly large and manipulated virtual spaces, allowing humans to walk directly into them. The work allows viewers to feel and recognize a new form of space and a new perception that they could not feel in the existing space.
On the whole, although the invisible form has been perceived as human-specific identity, technology can change the perception of self. It shows and triggers changing human being's unique formality or identity to different forms and identity with using technology. The challenge to virtual reality as a new medium and technology and new awareness of identity are the final purposes of this work.
This project is exhibited 2019.6.21.-6.28. BLOOD, at Seoul Art Space Mullae, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT and The Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity, Seoul.

© Su Hyun Kim with Guhmsoon and Mushi
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