Blinking Stores

Virtual reality, Unity, Kinect


In digital realms, desires blind,
Hierarchy is an empty bone of an unkind construct.
Cybernetic chains, a futile gallop,
To self-actualize in a soulless space.
With digits, friends, and rebels, breaking free,
Questioning desires, reclaiming humanity's pose.

Cast off the shackles of selfish desire,
Embrace a kinship that sets souls afire.
In digital realms, let connections thrive,
With all living creatures, let compassion revive.
From virtual webs, let empathy flow,
Uniting hearts, embracing all we know.
For in this harmony, a new world can bloom,
Where selfishness fades and kinship finds room.

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In contemplating the world that envelops me, my curiosity has been captivated by the realm of the virtual. Upon witnessing my companions succumb to the allure of "Starbucks" and "Facebook," I found myself pondering the profound appeal these entities held. Seeking understanding, I embarked on an exploration of the hierarchy of human needs and the historical significance of coffee establishments. It soon became evident that coffee shops have become emblematic of the Modern Age, transcending their utilitarian purpose to embody symbols of productivity and human longing. In this revelation, echoes of the film "Modern Time" (1937) resounded, illustrating the human propensity to assimilate into mechanical existence within the confines of the workplace.

This quest for comprehension further led me to scrutinize the interplay between desire and the symbolic realms we inhabit. While Facebook exists as a virtual domain, its function parallels that of a tangible marketplace. Comparing the structural fabric of the Facebook site to the homepages of Starbucks and Apple, remarkable resemblances emerged. The Facebook site mirrored the layouts of online commercial platforms, evoking similarities to the stock market, where individuals endeavor to evaluate and exchange information through symbolic images such as the ubiquitous "Like" button. I found myself pondering what desires would emerge in the future and embarked on a project aimed at constructing a virtual Facebook store, replete with symbols that exemplify the intricate interplay between viewers.

Through the implementation of motion capture technology, I eagerly anticipate witnessing the viewers' reactions as they navigate, appraise, observe, and synthesize images within this virtual realm. In my work, I delve into the comparative analysis of symbols within physical retail spaces and online platforms, expounding upon these explorations within my written discourse. Additionally, my experiment seeks to meticulously examine the nuanced meanings of symbols in virtual worlds and the profound impact they elicit upon viewers.

© Su Hyun Kim with Guhmsoon and Mushi
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